Bhasha Andolan releases Video on Madhu Jayanti

Bhasha Andolan has been spearheading the campaign for the transaction of all official works of Orissa in the Oriya Language, which was also the reason behind the creation of this first linguistic State of India under the epoch-making leadership of Mr. Madhusudan Das, revered by Gandhiji as his Guru and by the Oriya race as Kula Bruddha, the grand old man of the race.

The unique Black Flag March of Bhasha Andolan is designed to fulfill the task left behind by Madhubabu. Hence, has released a video on this campaign on the occasion of Madhubabu’s 171st birth anniversary today morning.

In a gettogether, chaired by eminent social activist and authoress Ms.Tanuja Rath, award winner dialogue writer Satish Mishra whose TV serial Capital Khati revolutionized the socio-political serial making, released the video in the presence of notable campaigners.

Prof. Kamala Prasad Mohapatra, the chief guest, was emphatic on the necessity of involvement of Oriya authors with the demand for unfailing administration of the whole of the State of Orissa in Oriya, for which the State was created. Eminent columnist and activist Tusarkant Satpathy while proposing the vote of thanks, reminded the people of the sacrifices of their forefathers for creation of Orissa and said the purpose of their sacrifice cannot be allowed to be defeated under any design.

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