Tenure of Ministers starts with desecration of democracy: Orissa CM! Please react

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Official chambers of Ministers in the Secretariat are no private bed rooms. These are created with people’s money, maintained and decorated with the funds from the people, for use only in official work.

And the people, in order to keep democracy functional, have been bearing this burden.

Democracy belongs to the people, and, therefore, never belongs to any religion, religions being anti-democratic factors of chauvinistic divide.

So, the official chambers of the ministers in Orissa Secretariat belong to the people as a whole notwithstanding differences in their religious creeds; and are allotted to ministers in a democracy to work for the people sans any religious preference.

Thus, any religious activity in any official chamber of any minister is absolutely anti-democracy.

Use of a minister’s official chamber for any religious purpose is the most heinous communal misuse of ministerial position and is a blatant desecration of democracy. Any minister associated with such desecration should immediately face disciplinary action.

The Chief Minister whose appointees are the ministers, has, in such cases, only one action to take: dismiss or drop the offender from the State Council of Ministers.

The CM shall have to take such action, if he himself is not anti-people and anti-democracy.

A few videos transmitted by the CM’s preferred TV channels are relied upon to show how some of his ministers have desecrated democracy by performing Hindu Homos and Hindu religious Poojas, even bringing in their wives to participate therein, in their official chambers before commencing their duties.

As we condemn such communal misuse of the official chambers, we call upon the master of these ministers – Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik – to react to this desecration of democracy.

These fellows have already violated the oath they have taken before signing as ministers. They deserve no pardon.

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  1. Odisha Govt is going close 966 Odia medium primary schools,
    instead of investing more on school infrastructure,quality of education,
    appointing teachers,providing modern facilities etc,they are destroying
    the education system of Odisha.

    Now Mr. Bijaya Sahu(Chief of Sai international school) appointed as a adviser
    of Odisha Adarsa Bidyalaya on behalf of state Govt.

    Odisha Govt destroying Odia medium schools and promoting English medium
    public schools in different ways.

    So,it is sure that this Govt will continue with it’s policy of destroying and distorting
    Odisha and Odia language until and unless people of Odisha will come to
    the street and fight for the Odia language.

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