Subhas Chandra Pattanayak
The crime in the name of Oriya Language Dr. Debi Prasanna Pattanayak has committed, despite having been exposed by me in media with documentary evidences, has not yet been subjected to prosecution, because he has been using the State Secretariat as his sanctuary. Role of the Chief Minister, the Chief Secretary and of the Secretary, Culture in giving him asylum from legal action mock at the manner essential for responsible administration.

This presentation is aimed at a particular instance involving a particular Government house numbering 3R-9 in the BJB College area, allotted to Dr. Debi Prasanna Pattanayak by name for use in a particular work, i.e. preparation of Language Policy, to which the Ministerial Committee on working of Orissa Official Language Act had agreed under Resolution No.4 in its meeting on 25.4.2016, being urged upon by the then Principal Secretary to Government in the Department of General Administration (GAD), G.V.V.Sharma.

When Sharma was under direct control of the the Chief Secretary who heads the GAD, the CM is the Minister of this Department. Sharma had obtained approval of the Chief Secretary for allotment of a Type V Government quarter in favor of Sri Pattanayak on 21.4.2016 vide noting No.46. The CM was to approve the allotment. Lest he queries on what ground the quarter should be allotted, the ground prepared in the Ministerial Committee was used as aforesaid. Sharma, a non-Oriya officer, blatantly against enforcement of Oriya as Official Language, was using Dr. Pattanayak and his team in the Institute of Odia Studies and Research to foil my endeavor to ensure the Act’s implementation through legislation I had proposed. He had, to please the Institute, in Noting 45, attempted to allot the qurs to the said NGO. But the CS had said, the same should be allotted to Dr. Pattanayak, Chairman of the NGO, personally “in his name” to which, after the Ministerial Committee agreed on 25.4.2016, the CM had agreed. The CM had agreed to allot the qrs after being convinced that Dr. Pattanayak is sincerely carrying out his desire to denigrate me in public eyes by condemning the Bhasha Andolan I have founded in support of governance of Orissa in Oriya.

After the CM thus approved the allotment of the qrs in the name of Dr. Pattanayak for preparation of Language Policy, Pattanayak and his NGO (Institute of Odia Studies & Research), by corrupting the Additional Director of Estates, generated the allotment order, which severely tampered with the recommendation (Noting 46/21.4.2016) and the CM’s Order (Noting 47/25.10.2016)to vest the said NGO with the right to pay the rent and to renew the occupation for unending time.

Then, while binding Dr. Pattanayak to agreement over the quarter, the Rent Officer succumbed to corruption and manipulated the fraudulent order of allotment (GAD-CA1-AS-0017-2014 No.23135/CA, Bhubaneswar, dated the 3rd Nov.2016) and made an absolutely unauthorized mention in the body of the agreement that, the said government house allotted by the CM for official use of Dr. Pattanayak to prepare the Language Policy, would be used as “residential office of the Institute of Odia Studies and Research.”

Result is: instead of being the office of Dr. Pattanayak for preparation of Language Policy, the government quarter has become the residence of Subrat Prusty, partner of Dr. Pattanayak in stealing of the well documented Govt. thesis prepared to argue for Classical status of Oriya Language; and a hooligan having expertise in use of obnoxious words sans qualms.

I will continue to expose the crime. My mail in the matter to the CS has, as yet, generated no answer. The controversial allotment has been cancelled. But its residential use by Subrat Prusty is continuing. The CM has patronized hooliganism against Bhasha Andolan by having agreed to paper-transfer the quarter to the name of the NGO of which the hereditary supremo is Subrat.

Now the question is: who committed the fraud: Dr.Debi Prasanna Pattanayak or the Institute of Odia Studies & Research?

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