Illicit employment to Mrs.Pradyumna Satpathy: Governor asks Secretary Higher Education to take needful action

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The illicit employment given to Smt. Manasi Sarangi, wife of Pradyumna Satapthy, who bartered away Bhasha Andolan for financial gain, is now to be investigated into as per an order of the Governor of Orissa.

The Governor has asked Higher Education Secretary to send the report of action taken in the matter to Sri Subhas Chandra Pattanayak, founder of Bhasha Andolan, on whose Memorandum the order has been issued on 2 Aug,2019.

Pattanayak, who was a member of the Ministerial Committee created on 31 July 2015 to help the Government on how to unfailingly implement the Orissa Official Language Act, 1954 had, on deep study, located the defects in the Act for the first time in its history and had not only suggested that the the Act be suitably amended to do away with the inherent yet unmarked defect, but also had given a set of draft legislation to carry out his suggestions on the 3rd Sept.2015.

As the non-Oriya IAS officers hand-in-glove with the Chief Minister discernibly conspired to render his suggestion inconsequential, he founded Bhasha Andolan in April, 2016 to make the people aware of the danger to their mother tongue. Satpathy, a known sycophant of Sri Pattanayak, was appointed by him as the President of the informal body he founded, with his protege (as he then was) Pabitra Maharatha as the convener. Pattanayak had based this movement on his proven method of Silent Black Flag Campaign.

Both Satpathy and Maharatha helped Sri Pattanayak with utmost sincerity and the movement fetched tremendous popularity. Satpathy was assigned with organizing four persons everyday to bear the flags and Maharatha was given the charge of transmitting the daily news to media. Pattanayak was handling the intellectual side of the movement,creating its necessary literature and leading it invincibly. This had forced the Government to amend the Act by an Ordinance by adopting Sri Pattanayak’s proposal on 21 May 2016. The movement celebrated the victory on 24 May 2016.

But then the government proceeded to misuse the new section (Section 5) created on the basis of Sri Pattanayak’s proposal, to defeat Sri Pattanayak’s purpose.

They framed the Orissa Official Language Rules 12 August 2016 to impress the campaigners and general public that Pattanayak’s proposal for creation of Rules was honored thereby, but in reality, that was a shrewd design to destroy the possibility of implementation of the Act. Pattanayak rejected the same.

Then steps were taken to put the Act into atrophy by illegal amendments in 2018, which was to kill the very purpose and spirit of the Act. Pattanayak exposed the design, before it was even placed before the Assembly. Government decided to gain over Satpathy and Maharatha, so that, left alone, Pattanayak would fail to proceed with his mission.

In the bargain, Maharatha, under Police scanner for embezzlement of the funds of the movement, obtained political protection and suspected huge dose of supari. Satpathy obtained for his wife illicit reinstatement in a job which she had abandoned a decade ago. This favor, besides big salary every month, would give her more than 150 lakhs of Rupees towards back wages.

The monstrosity of illegality resorted to in giving Mrs. Satpathy the employment, has been exposed in depth by Sri Pattanayak in his Memo to the Governor and also has been published in these pages.

Now, with the intervention of the Governor, it is to be seen how the department behaves.

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