Why C.E. Chakradhar Mahanta’s pension not yet stopped, Mr. Chief Minister?

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

This is a direct question to Chief Minister Hon’ble Naveen Patnaik and whatever would be his reply I will honestly publish it here. It is a journalistic work, nothing personal. No prejudice.

Chakradhar Mohanta was greasing the BJD wheels in the Chief Minister’s home district when he was a Superintending Engineer at Berhampur, collecting money from the contractors at the cost of irrigation projects, as per talks in the grapevines. He was enjoying Naveenbabu’s patronage who had promoted him to SE Level-1 and to the post of Chief Engineer. The Vigilance Police zeroed in on him on specific information from the general public and certain contractors, who had suffered because of failure to meet his avarice. A case under Prevention of Corruption Act was instituted against him on the evidences of accumulation of wealth beyond his known sources of income.

He was found guilty and the vigilance police moved the Special Court to confiscate his illegally earned properties.

This matter is published at https://orissamatters.com/2019/08/19/zero-tolerance-to-corruption-a-case-study/

I have two questions to ask the Chief Minister:

1. Why the prosecution is limping for so many years in the Special Court, constituted to complete the process of Law expeditiously?
2. Pending confiscation of his property, the fact that he is held guilty in the original Court under the Prevention of Corruption Act is enough to stop his pension at par with the action taken in case of lower cadre employees under the scheme of ‘zero-tolerance-to-corruption’. Why then his pension is not yet stopped?

I hope, the CM, to whose email address I shall send this link, will honestly reply.

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