Supplementary Budget presented heavy outgo on administration

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Out of Rs.8,126.32 in the Supplementary Budget, presented at about closure of the commencing day of the 2nd session of Orissa Assembly on Wednesday, a big amount of Rs.267.23 is the proposed outgo on administration. Administration being no ad hoc phenomenon, one may wonder why this expenditure was not visualized in the original budget for the year. However, an amount of Rs.7,432.80 crores is earmarked for program implementation.

When transfer from State takes Rs.419.78 crore, Disaster Response Fund is proposed with Rs.6.52 crore.

Program implementation would cover land acquisition for development of Jagannath Temple and its citadel Puri (Rs.730 crore), Education, Sports and Skill development (Rs.1,073 crore), Supplementary nutrition program (190 crore) ; Healthcare ( Rs. 459 crore), Social Security (Rs.501 crore), National Social Assistance (Rs.500 crores) , One Rupeean Rice (Rs.185.52 crores, Police Stations under ‘Mo Sarkar’ initiative (Rs.4.6 crore), Rural Housing (Rs.251 crore), Other rural development sectors (Rs.948 crores).

Funds to support the supplementary would flow from tied up resources to the extent of Rs.2,981.88 crores, higher receipt of non-tax revenue to the tune of Rs.1000 crore and surrender of grants to the extent of Rs.4,144.50 crores.

The State’s debt burden has reached Rs.83,307 crores, according to the department of Finance.

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