Paperless Budget encompasses Rs 1, 50,000 crore besides Rs.19,408 crore on Agriculture

“We propose a budgetary outlay of Rs 1,50,000 crore, which includes outlay of Rs 63,650 crore for administrative expenditure, Rs 74,000 crore for program expenditure, Rs 3,200 crore for disaster response and Rs 7,145 crore for transfer to local bodies and development authorities,” said Finance Minister Niranjan Pujari, placing the Budget for 2020-21 in the Assembly on Tuesday. This is apart from a Rs.19,408 crore Budget for agriculture.

The Agriculture Budget includes Rs 3,195 crore for KALIA scheme when interest-subsidy for agriculture loan to farmers is proposed to consume Rs 705 crore. Agricultural research, education and infrastructure get priority with an allocation of Rs 150 crore.

In order to expand the health services in the state, a new program styled the Odisha Cardiac Care Program is promised in the health sector that bags Rs.7,700 crore. Mukhyamantri Swasthya Seva Mission and B. S. K. Y. are proposed with allocation of Rs 578 crore and Rs 1,108 crore respectively. When a sum of Rs 562 crore is earmarked for medical colleges, the premier of them, the SCB Medical College is proposed to have “world-class facilities” that would transform it to an AIIMS Plus integrated medical institution with 3,000 beds. This laudable scheme, executable in two years, is to start with an allocation of Rs 1,000 crore.

As stunted growth of children suffering acute malnutrition has exposed the wrong side of governance, an investment of Rs 5,543 crore for nutrition specific and Rs 25,571 crore for nutrition sensitive schemes is also proposed.

The budget also proposes an allocation of Rs 22,631 crore in the education and skill development sector.

Rural and urban housing schemes for the economically disadvantaged people are proposed with Rs 3,962 crore and Rs 518 crore respectively.

A fund of Rs.50 crore is proposed for preservation, conservation and eco-development of sites and monuments of tourist importance, whereas the yet-to-be-correctly-defined Abadha Yojana is proposed to have Rs. 3,208 crores.

Remarkable is: It is a paperless Budget that the internet users may easily peruse.

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