Our stand finds support in steps taken by State-level scribes

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Orissa Government’s de facto destruction of the accredited journalists’ entitlement to have access to sources of information in the secretariat (Lok Seva Bhawan) and other headquarters offices has been strongly condemned by the community of scribes in a silent demonstration before the State Information Centre (Renamed Jayadev Bhawan) on June 17, before submition of a formal “request” to the Chief Minister to withdraw the mischivous secret order that “hinders” entry of the media persons into the headquarters office of the government.

Our observation on this blatantly illegal behaviour of the Government deserves deep cogitation at this critical moment. Below is the link:

Orissa in Dark//Worst-ever infringement of Freedom of Press

The Chief Minister ought to understand that freedom of Press is the mainstay of democracy and any political attempt to do away with it would never be tolerated.

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