COVID-19// Mr. Prime Minister should help India have an All Party National Govt

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

At this pandemic moment, howsoever efficient might be the administration, India needs a national government comprising all the registered political parties sans any formal representation in the Parliament, to overcome the unprecedented danger posed by the pernicious virus.

This National Government should be a limited purpose Government, coterminous with COVID-19 pandemic situation.

The Constitution of India has no provision for this. Hence, it is incumbent upon the PM to invite all the political parties to send their representatives to help him help the country to have such an extraordinary political government to guide the nation in this extraordinary situation under collective political wisdom. The President should agree to form such a government if advised by the Prime Minister.

Allegations from the Opposition and non-plutocratic non-political activists against the government for monstrous mismanagement, discernible deficiencies and corruption under the cover of Corona management are so huge that, the Prime Minister deserves our unreserved praise for the courage he has shown in carrying out his responsibility unperturbed with determination to save the country from this unprecedented disaster. Yet, he appears alone and autocratic, because it is only he whose writ works without any question in the cabinet and the ruling party. And, as we all know, man errs. If he errs?

We are in such a situation that nobody is sure of his/her survival. Under such circumstances, we may not afford to be erred by a single-party government. Collective wisdom beyond party politics is essential at the moment, we feel.

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