Oriya as State Language is killed by the CM: Dr. Govind Bhuyan


Eminent author Dr. Govind Bhuyan has held Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik responsible for the ruin, the mother tongue of the State Oriya, as the official language, has been pushed into.

He spoke last Monday in Facebook live from the page of Bhasha Andolan “BHASHA MAA PAEEN PADE.

The BlackkFlagCampaign that has given birth to the new era of Oriya-Language-Nationalism has adopted digital form in the COVID-19 pandemic environment. Over and above updating the campaign position everyday in social media, the campaign leadership have strategically suspended the physical BlackFlag demonstration till restoration of normalcy and promulgated the digital campaign in its place in internet, addressed to governance of Orissa in Oriya.

Dr. Bhuyan’s live social media speech was adjusted into bhashaandolan.com through YouTube. Here is the same:

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