Vitality of Oriya Language essential for Orissa: Prof. Panchanan Mohanty

Vitality of Oriya language being the mainstay of Orissa, needs deep study and evaluation, as anglicized mentality and manner sic passim the administration has seemingly atrophied it to a large extent, stated Prof. Panchanan Mohanty, eminent scholar in applied linguistics and the President of Lingustic Society of India.

He was addressing Orissa on the digital edition of Black Flag Campaign (Bhasha Andolan) that reached the 16 hundred 8th day last Monday. He strongly supported the call for both official and private administration of Orissa to perform in Oriya language, for the sole purpose of which the State had to manifest in 1936. It is sad that, the post-independence administration has kept the people devoid of their birthright to be educated and served in their mother tongue, he said. Here is his speech, also posted in

(Updated on 14.9.2020)

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