Kanak News demolishes dignity of a woman, devastates Crime Detection Environment

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Kanak News, the television channel of ruling party heavyweight Soumya Ranjan Patnaik made a farce of journalism, as it overwhelmed an apparently disadvantaged young lady with menacing leading questions on her personal life in a program that was “live”, this afternoon.

I am giving below the link to its Facebook-live assault on the dignity of the young lady.

The young lady is projected by the channel as a person with suspected link with a man whose dead-body was found in recent past on the train-tracks in the area of a railway station in Bhubaneswar.

Journalism has jumped all permissible limits in intimidating the young lady.

Crime branch of Orissa Police is investigating into the death of the person, whose body was found from the tracks to find out if its cause is suicidal or homicidal. At this stage, the Kanak News-live is a pollution in the crime detection environment besides being a serious transgression into human rights of the young lady. It warrants immediate ban on such self-styled crime-detective role of the news channel and initiation of penal action against the same for acting pseudo-CB in the matter, which is under the legal jurisdiction of the Crime Branch. It also warrants action by the Human Rights Commission against the channel for discernibly unambiguous brutal transgression into the human rights of the young woman.

The community of scribes should rise to the occasion and condemn the professional anarchy promoted thus by the Kanak News channel. When the News Broadcasting Standards Authority is created by and serves the Broadcasters Association, the Press Council of India is blatantly toothless to deal with the matter. But the Civil Society is not. Hence, the Civil Society can and should play a vital role in disciplining such rogue channels.

Now, therefore, attention to the mischief of this media, please:

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