Agrilexicon in Oriya essential, says Natabar Khuntia


Eminent interpreter of agricultural economy Sri Natabar Khuntia has called for immediate compilation of an agricultural lexicon comprising all the colloquial Oriya words used in agriculture with correct synonyms carrying modern technological terms, so that there can be correct communication between the administration and farmers, between the agribusiness and producers and the agricultural scientists and the cultivators.

He said, 98% of the farmers of Orissa understand only the Oriya language and unless the language barrier between the technologists and agriculturists is removed, agronomy would continue to suffer in Orissa.

He suggested that, Oriya language needs be included in the courses of study in Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology.

He was addressing the people live from the digital platform of Bhasha Andolan in Bhasha Maapain Pade page of Facebook on the 14th September. Below is his speech uploaded in YouTube.

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