Amend the Language Act, Bhasha Andolan Founder writes to CM


Founder of Bhasha Andolan Subhas Chandra Pattanayak has urged upon the Chief Minister to repeal the “illegal and villainous” Sections 4 and 4-A from the Orissa Official Language Act, 1954 and give law-form to the draft-legislation he had given as Member of the Ministerial Committee on working of the Act, by way of a Bill in the coming session of the Legislative Assembly, so that, all the hurdles in the implementation of the Act could be removed.

He has attached to his mail the copy of the Memorandum of the Office Bearers of the Movement, delivered in the Office of the Chief Minister on 02.03.2020, which he has slept over since then, though illegal administration in English has been the basic reason of huge loss of life under COVID-19 pandemic, he has shown.

Here is his mail to the CM. The enclosed Memorandum is put below in pdf for reference.

The Hon’ble Chief Minister, Orissa,

Sub: Reminder on our demand for repeal of Section 4 and 4A from the Orissa Official Language Act. 1954
Ref: Our Memorandum No.01 of 2020 dated 29.02.2020 delivered to your office 02.03.2020, read with my mails dated Fri, Jun 29, 2018 and 25.8.2018
In enclosing herewith the copy of the Memorandum under reference for your ready reference, I place my observation that as you have not replied to my above noted two mails, you have also not responded to the Memo, the reasons of which are best known to yourself.
But the undeniable fact is that, your wrongful amendment of the Act, as noted in the three documents referred to above, have defeated the purpose of the Act so brutally that, our people have died and are dying without knowing the Acts and Rules, Directions and Regulations concerning Corona virus, as all these and all the health care guidelines are never made available to them in their mother tongue Oriya.
Your declarations repeated on different days that the Offices shall run in Oriya “from now on” have remained inconsequential, because of the two illegal and villainous sections, i.e. Section 4 and Section 4A deliberately created and inserted into the Act to defeat the very purpose of the Act.
I, therefore, Hon’ble Sir, request you with profound respect to please peruse once again the Momo attached hereto and to take immediate steps to delete those two sections and to kindly amend the Act afresh to make the Original Act inviolable in the light of the legislation I had proposed as a member of the Ministerial Committee, so that Orissa shall be governed in Oriya language, the purpose of which the State of Orissa was created.
This being a computer generated appeal, aimed to be emailed to you, the Memo referred to above along with postal certificate of delivery is enclosed in pdf.
Kind Regards,
Subhas Chandra Pattanayak,
Founder and Chairman,
Bhasha Andolan, Orissa

Bhasha Andolan to CM

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