Medical Prescription in Mother Tongue essential for life-saving: Dr. Debasis Jyesthi

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The most essential elixir for patients is medical prescription in mother tongue of the people, said eminent physician Dr. Bebasis Jyesthi, talking live on “importance of mother tongue in health care” on the 9th November from the digital platform of Bhasha Andolan, the day its celebrated Silent Black Flag Campaign reached 1671 days.

Citing an American Survey, he informed that, in 2006 alone, at least 7000 patients had died due to their inability to follow the prescriptions, the language of which was not their mother tongue. Similar survey, if conducted in Orissa, where prescriptions are issued in English to patients who do not know the foreign language.

Emphasizing that, the relationship between a physician and a patient should be exactly as the relationship between a mother and her child, Dr. Jyesti said, our doctors are born in our soil, grown up in our language. why should they not write the prescriptions in Oriya?

Dr. Jyesthi is well known for his humanitarian manners and love for the language.

His speech, delivered live in the ‘Bhasa Maapain Pade’ page of Bhasha Andolan in the Facebook, is put in YouTube channel of this site for perusal by whosoever has no access to the said page. (updated on 18 Nov.2020)

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