Arnab Goswami is anathema to dignity of Journalism: Bail should have been tagged to a fixed time

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Unless a bail to an accused is tagged to a fixed time within which he/she should establish innocence, the purpose of Law to curb crime by arresting an accused would continue to be defeated.

When Orissa High Court had granted bail to BJD legislator Pravat Kumar Tripathy he was released from the jail to extravaganza of a reception by his sycophants, posing as if the appropriate Court was wrong in remanding him to jail. The Court doesn’t know till now if he is guilty or not guilty. People are in dark.

The same extravaganza of a reception by his sycophants was marked when the Supreme Court granted interim bail to BJP propagandist Arnab Goswami, arrested in the matter of enforced death of a self employed person whose dues he was allegedly not clearing.

The Supreme Court should peruse the visual records of that extravaganza and be honest to determine whether or not the same was an act to show the strength of that accused to demoralize the Police that had arrested him.

The order being an interim order, we are yet to know on which exact ground the Supreme Court decided to hold the High Court wrong in not granting him bail. But, we are sure, the order of the Supreme Court had not empowered the accused to show such strength to the Police and/or to impress the public that, the lower judiciary including the High Court that had rejected his bail application was wrong.

The Supreme Court should take up its impact study and save us common Indians from Judges’ preference in allowing bail as they like.

As a journalist, I am inclined to say that, Arnav’s role and response to the so-called reception is anathema to dignity of journalism.

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