Give governance in Oriya, remove the obstacles, punish the intransigent: Dash Benhur

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Eminent author, thinker and teacher in Political Science Jitendra Narayan Dash, famous as Dash Benhur, has called upon the Government of Orissa to give governance in Oriya and to remove all obstacles from implementation of Orissa Official Language Act,1954 by punishing whosoever seen intransigent. Disuse of Oriya in administration is denial of democratic rights to the people of Orissa, he declared.

He was speaking ‘live’ from the digital platform of Black Flag Campaign ‘Bhasha Maa Pain Pade’ (A few words for the Mother Tongue) on November 30 at 4 PM. Prof. Dash, it may be noted, is a proud part of this campaign.

While dwelling on the topic ‘Mother Tongue for Knowledge’, he elaborated how Oriya Language is a very unique depository of knowledge – both classical and scientific. To make it available and updated, Oriya language is the vehicle, which the governmental is required to keep active. But to chagrin of the people, the government has done the opposite by willful disuse of Oriya in governance of Orissa. Why should there be any in power who doesn’t know and use the language of the people? He wondered.

Eminent language activist, CA Ranjan Komar Sahoo managed the ‘Live”event.

The live speech in Facebook is adopted for Oriyas of the world as hereunder:

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