Orissa Ruling party members asked to make their ‘supremo’say why the State Law on language is not implemented

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Orissa Chief Minister has committed crime against the people by causing a scam on a cabinet decision while tampering with another to push the State’s Official Language Act into atrophy.

As founder of Bhasha Andolan I have asked the ruling party members to ascertain the fact from their CM, whom they call ‘supremo’ and ask him, if he has not committed this crime against the people, why Orissa is not being governed in Oriya, despite a resolution in their birth anniversary day on 26.12.2017 at Puri.

I share here with my esteemed readers the post dated 25.12.2020 from Facebook as brought into YouTube for whoever of them is not in the said social media.

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