Tribal Orissa needs administration in Oriya: Prof. Bibhutibhusan Acharjya

Prof. Dr. Bibhutibhusan Acharjya has called upon the government to run administration in Oriya so that the tribal communities, almost entirely illiterate, can have the opportunity of knowing how their State is functioning.

There are 62 tribal communities ଇନ ଓରିସା, whose mother tongues have enriched the great river of Oriya language as its tributaries. So, each one of these tribes find their own language in Oriya. They are most disadvantaged, because the State of Orissa is not being managed in Oriya Language.

When there is a Law to use Oriya in administration of all kinds all over Orissa and the Government is required to honor its own Law, whosoever doesn’t work in Oriya should be viewed as tormentors of the tribes and to discipline such fellows the Orissa Official Language Act needs be equipped with rigorous penal provisions, he said.

He spoke live from the digital platform of Bhasha Andolan in face book on January 23, 2021. We have brought the same to records for Oriyas of the world.

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