Bhasha Andolan on Day 1775 // Celebrated Black Flag Campaign resumed

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The celebrated ‘Silent Black Flag Campaign’ espousing the demand for governance of Orissa in Oriya resumed on the International Mother Tongue Day on February 21 in various nerve centers of the State, as the campaign reached the 1775th day.

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୧୭୭୫ ଦିନରେ ଭାଷା ଆନ୍ଦୋଳନ// ବୀର ଓଡ଼ିଆ ଜାତି ପୁଣି ଆରମ୍ଭ କଳା କଳାପତାକା ଅଭିଯାନ

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