Cartoonist Kishore Rath succumbed to sudden cardiac arrest. Orissa lost a nice son

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Thought-provoking cartoonist Kishore Rath has succumbed to a sudden and very unexpected cardiac arrest last night in a government hospital at Bhubaneswar.

In his demise, Orissa has lost a very nice son.

He belonged by birth to Ex-State Khadapada and was very proud of his native place. Dhumpa, a folk music instrument, indigenous to Khandapada had a great participant and promoter in him.

We want to pay our tributes to the brilliant cartoonist by putting here one of his cartoons that had inspired many with the hope of resiliency during the dreaded days of Corona pandemic.

And to show how was he in his heart, here is the last loving touch he had given to his dear Dhumpa:

Sad that, the cruet Time forced this effervescent heart to stop.

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