Your Website finds place in History of Press: Thanks dear Visitors

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Dear Visitors,
A friend, who studied Journalism and Mass Communications (JMC) under the Odisha State Open University, Sambalpur, is kind enough to send me a printed Book of Syllabus that includes a chapter on “New Media Journalism in Odisha.”

ORISSA MATTERS” is placed there with a few words on its distinction,such as,

Odisha-centric news web sites began to appear from the first years of the new millennium. One of the first such ventures was It started in 2001 as an “alternative media vehicle for Odisha‟.

I thank you, esteemed visitors for all the support you have given to this venture.

The soft copy published also by the Univ. is here for Records.

History of Journalism in Orissa (Oen Univ, Sambalpur)

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