PM should have no wall between him and the people

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak
Indian democracy is in disarray. Situation is so precarious that the Prime Minister is afraid of his people. The Supreme Court is probing the issue of his security lapse on a flyover on way to Punjab. Sans any prejudice, I feel, the predicament over a PM’s fear for the people calls for immediate application of collective mind by WE THE PEOPLE.

Whether or not political, Prime Minister Modi’s public outburst delivering a message to the provincial government through the Punjab Police that they should convey to the State Government that he was going back alive to New Delhi, makes it clear that the PM is afraid of the people. He assumed that, the agitating farmers might have killed him had he not come back quickly.This is sad.

Mr. Modi could have served democracy better, had he walked to the farmers on the flyover.If they were angry with him, as is the wont of Indians, particularly the farmers, he might have gained over their hearts and the emotional conflict between him and they, if any, might have ended. He didn’t do that. India lost an opportunity to see her Prime Minister remove the wall between him and the people.

Our Constitution that has made us a Republic, doesn’t provide for a wall between us and our Prime Minister under the guise of his security. Fellows that work in the executive wing have created this artificial barrier to distance the leader from the people, so that he shall do, what they decide to be done.

The scheming bureaucracy has created this unconstitutional barrier between the political executive and the people in the name of security, as a result of which, what has happened was once best described by the them Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. He was honest enough to admit in 1985 that merely 15% of fund allocation reaches the people, with 85% swindled in transit. This famous confession stands so valid that the Supreme Court bench comprising justices AK Sikri and Ashok Bhushan had to rely upon it in its verdict on Aadhaar in June 2017. The scenario has not changed despite Aadhaar cards and raids. Benefits do not reach the people, goes to members of the executive.

On the other hand, because of the security wall, compradores in the attires of political leaders of this country have ruined our democracy. Plutocracy has taken over. The country is being looted by private operators, with the judicial system serving the Law in protecting private properties in the guise of protecting fundamental rights of the private property-owners, when fundamental rights of the people have been kept out of judicial jurisdiction in the style of “Directive Principles”.

If the scenario is to change, the security wall of the Prime Minister (and the Chief Ministers) should be done away with.

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