NGO award to Naveen Patnaik should be enquired into

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak
Sycophants have congested Bhubaneswar roads as in thousands they are brought to the capital city to show strength of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik to people who are crying to have their right to be administered in their mother tongue ORIYA.

Orissa has lost her mana in Naveenraj with her geographical boundaries as well as major river systems severely threaten by neighbouring provinces. Mr. Patnaik has never visited the border to stand with people, who are fighting for survival of their identity vis-a-vis the people of the rival tongues.

According to a none-contradicted confession of a treasury bench heavyweight in the Assembly, 93% people of Orissa do not understand English. But in Naveenraj, administration is working in English. People are kept in dark about how the government works. The Official Language Act, 1954 is being everyday violated by the CM and his team sans qualms.

Mr. Naveen Patnaik is marked for contravention of almost all the Acts enacted during his tenure as Chief Minister. He has even resorted to atrophy the Language Law by fraudulent means in order only to deny the people of Orissa their right to be governed in their State-Language.

There is not a single year within his tenure as Chief Minister when severe lapses in his governance is not reported by the Accountant General.

Yet a New Delhi based NGO styled Capital Foundation has conferred on him a dubious award under the pretense ‘Lifetime Achievement’. It seems the NGO has never verified the reality in Orissa and its study of Orissa scenario is absolutely superficial. This award given to Patnaik should be enquired into, as this is a design to mislead the people of Orissa that are perishing under his constant misrule.

Whenever Patnaik finds himself in political crisis and his public image appears comical even to his followers he feels, he cultivates such an award to dazzle the pewople of Orissa, a trick ETV in 2006 had trained him in.

The award in question is organised to hoodwink the people after his legislative misconduct was bared by the founder of Bhasha Andolan in his densely documented book Oriya Bhashaku Naveenanka MaranaAghata (Naveen’s deathblow to Oriya Language) and the Governor was moved to recall his assents to the amendments of Orissa Official Language Act, 1954.

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