If BJD wins Dhamnagar, Mrs. Pandian shall be the next CM

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

If BJD wins the Dhamnagar bye election, there is every possibility of Mrs. Pandian becoming the next CM of Orissa. The super Chief Minister may surpass the real Chief Minister in the game of treachery he has been playing so far.

Come the general election-2024, a keen observer of political scenario in the State feels, BJD would plant atleast 75 women candidates for the Assembly from the Women’s Self-Help Groups (WSHGs) to whom Mrs Pandian is their emancipator by virtue of being the chief of Mission Shakti.

Clandestinely and cunningly these possible candidates are being cultivated and brainwashed.

Ms. Abanti Das, the BJD candidate for Dhamnagar comes from the WSHGs sector. Her victory would build up confidence in ambitious members of WSHGs to contest and win the Assembly elections. Pandian, who de facto rules over the ruling party, would ensure tickets to them and if BJD wins, majority of its elected members shall be from the WSHGs sector, whom Mrs Pandian has been nurturing.

They shall then openly declare their allegiance to Mrs. Pandian.

BJD shall jetition Naveen Patnaik in the special circumstances and welcome Mrs Pandian to the chair of its supremo.

Curtain would be drawn on the continuing anarchy.

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