Chief Minister rewards sycophants with top-notch positions: Administration in the doldrums

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Official Departments in Orissa have been thwarted into the grip of political factotums of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik in an order his office has promulgated.

Who of them has been rewarded with which post is not material. Material is: unnecessary creation of a browbeating layer of political knots over the Executive Government of Orissa.

We have two types of Governments, which twined together serve the people with the essence of democracy. They are Political Government and Executive Government. The Political Government is headed by the Chief Minister with Ministers in control of all the Departments assigned to each of them and the Executive Government is headed by the Chief Secretary with Secretaries in charge of administration in departments assigned to each of them. So every department is controlled by a Minister with a Secretary at the helm of its affairs.

The Chief Minister, in order to please his sycophants have created uncalled for positions between the Ministers and the Secretaries in almost all departments and therefore, the Executive Government is to act subservient to the sycophants of the Chief Minister. For example, Rama Chandra Panda has been appointed advisor to Agriculture & Farmers Empowerment Department. Obviously, the Secretary of the Department is to work under his advice. Degrading the Chief Executive of a Department to such a situation is, if anything, counterproductive to the scheme of administration of the said department. De facto it throws administration in the Department into the doldrums.

The Chief Minister has sinisterly kept the people in dark so far about how such arrangement he had made in the past has helped in bettering administration.

Creating a privileged pedigree of politicians who would, without being the Ministers, enjoy the powers to interfere in the works of the departmental secretaries sans any answerability and accountability is a serious administrative disorder that the Chief Minister has been promoting, only in order to stay safe in his politics of power by appeasing a section of his sycophants, who, he fears, may cause problems unless rewarded with top-notch positions.

Anarchy is not far away, it seems.

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