Orissa, perishing under fraudulent Law, makes a request to her great daughter, the President of India, for intervention

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

It is a matter of utmost pleasure for us to see the great daughter of this splendid soil visit us as the President of India.

On this great occasion, people of Orissa make her a request – a request to ask the State Governor to shun indifference to their demand for withdrawal of his assent to the fraudulent amendments to The Orissa Official Lnguage Act, 1954.

The Governor had no chance to know that the Chief Minister had clandestinely replaced the Odisha Official Language (Amendment) Bills, 2018 with forged and fabricated ones in the course of legislation, specifically as Administrative and Legal Certificates issued by the respective Secretaries had reached him along with the Speaker’s certificate that the Assembly had passed the BIlls. But, when all the details of such fraudulence with documented eveidences were submitted to the Governor, he should have appreciated that he was misled by the Government and the assent he had given to the fraudulent Bills was improper.

The Governor should never become or remain a party to a fraudulent legislation. Hence, he should have taken all steps to make himself free from the fraud and should have at least expressed his displeasure with the Chief minister for his legislative misconduct. But, he remained indifferent to the allegation, as a result of which, the Official Language Act of Orissa is suffering serious atrophy.

Below is the link to allegation of Bhasha Andolan submitted before the Governor and put before the public through scribd.com. All the relevant documents are annexed thereto.


The President should prevail upon the Governor to look into the matter afresh and decide if it is prudent upon his part to stay a party to fraudulent legislation even after getting the evidences of fraud in amending the Orissa Official Language Act.

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