MafiaRaj in Orissa: Naba’s Shani link needs proper investigation to find out his real killer

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Crime Branch of Orissa Police is entrusted with investigation into the death of Health Minister Naba Kishore Das, the first ever cabinet member of Orissa to be shot at, that too by a police ASI in uniform.

Media in its entirety highlights that the Police ASI who opened fire into the chest of the Minister, has been taking psychiatric medicines for last about eight years.

The Crime Branch (CB) may look into how a man under psychiatric treatment was made to head the Police Outpost at Brajarajnagar, a known place of industry-labor tussle, with departmental gun to use when he feels it necessary. But one may feel it necessary to say that the secrecy behind Mr. Das donating a Gold-vessel worth Rs.1 crore to a temple of Shani on 21 this month needs be unveiled. As we have earlier said, offering gold worth Rs.1 crore to a Shani shrine of Maharastra was not a normal conduct of a minister.

What was the reason of this abnormality must have to be investigated into.

The State is engaged in wiping out Naxal activists, but Mafia Raj has engulfed the State during this regime, as is established in the instant case.

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