Pandian issue makes Naveen fidget//He is forced to speak on mysterious woman Shraddha

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Naveen, the arrogant Chief Minister, who has shown how audacious he could be by refusing to end his subterfuge against Oriya language, has been forced by the Opposition to speak on Shraddha, the mysterious woman, who was allegedly seen in his company on his visit to Vatican city, to meet the Pope, which for a Christian means a fabulous fortune.

Had his blatantly capricious and unruly creation of a Subadar in his private secretary VK Pandian not been so scathingly criticised by the very same Soumyaranjan Patnaik, whom he had gained over by luring into his political honeytrap to deflate Bhasha Andolan in the month of May, 2018, Naveen, as is his wont, might have never allowed himself to take cognisance of the Opposition question on Shraddha.

He has told in the Assembly, before it aborted its next seating, that she was his physiotherapist, whom his sister had deputed to him for taking care of his health. The leader of Opposition, Jayanarayan Mishra is not satisfied with the answer, as the CM’s sister is not alive to corroborate his statement.

Most of the watching public is also not satisfied with the CM’s answer. People look him at askance because of his legislative misconduct in amendment of Orissa Official Language Act in 2016 as well as in 2018 and anti-Orissa disposition displayed in illegal land allocation to Jindal and the likes and amidst many instances, arbitrary kidnaping of Prafulla Samantara from his hotel room in Rayagada to help the Vedant Company.

Therefore, the general public would like to know the details about Shraddha. What exactly is her educational qualification and whether or not she is a qualified physiotherapist. Was she procured from a physiotherapy clinic/hospital? When she arrived at Bhubaneswar and when she left? What was the physical ailments of Naveen Patnaik which she tackled through her tricks? What was Naveenbabu’s condition when she took over and what was, when she left? Was it she who advised Naveenbabu to take the flight to Vatican and meet the Pope, even in physically unsound condition? What exact therapy she gave during the trip he dared? What was the money paid to her as her fees, even though, as Naveenbabu has claimed, she is not paid by the State? It must not be forgotten that, as long as Naveenbabu is the Chief Minister, he is not a private citizen. Officials concerned do not say that he was on leave during the period he was under care of Ms. Shraddha. So he was certainly official when he visited the Pope and was availing the services of Shraddha.

This necessitates a complete answer from Naveenbabu. People of Orissa mustn’t be kept in dark about the health of their Chief Minister.

Thus saying, I am proposing my thanks to Sri Soumyaranjan Patnaik and also to Smt. Aparajita Sarangi, but for whose decision to expose the Pandian-centric misrule, Naveen would never have divulged who the unknown woman Sraddha was.

We wish him sound health.

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