A speaking instance of misrule: The so-called best ruling CM ought to pay attention

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik must come out of his cocoon called V.K.Pandian and pay official attention, if he is able to, to the nonpayment of pension to eminent author, thinker and speaker of Orissa Sri Baishnab Charan Mohanty, who, superannuated a decade ago, has been forced to suffer unfathomable loss to his finance and health , simply because, he had refused to grease the palm of his boss in the mass education department.

To the total disadvantage of the people of Orissa, despite more than two decades in the post of the Chief Minister, Naveen Patnaik is not able to read and write in the State Language. Either he is mentally deficient to learn the language of the State or he has inherent abhorrence for the people’s language, like his father Biju Patnaik had. So, he doesn’t read or write Oriya. His father had boasted in the Assembly of his English Culture (Debate dated 30.9.1963) and had shown the audacity of disowning India as a country because of existence of languages like Oriya (Debate on Orissa Official Language [Amendment] Act, 1985). Biju was so very averse to Orissa’s State Language that he had not made any of his children learn Oriya. Therefore, naturally, Naveen has no respect for the Language of the State where he is enjoying power for more than 23 years. Therefore, he has no respect for eminent Oriya writers and thinkers and speakers. Therefore, instead of writing in Oriya, I am presenting this matter in English, placing the video of how Sri Mohanty has put forth his grievances.

Placed in YouTube, its link is –

Naveen should see video as a mirror to his face and confess that his is a bad government that thrive on propaganda of good governance to the contrary of actuals.

Author of masterpieces of Oriya letters like Bou Biswavidyalaya, Lekhi Najani Akshara Dosa, Pana o Priyatama and around a hundred of the like, Sri Baishna Charan Mohanty is pride of Orissa. Torturing him for bribe to pay him his pension dues and even his own money deposited in GPF cannot be countenanced by the people of Orissa, Naveen ought to know.

As he poses to understand what one utters in Oriya, I hope, he shall allow himself to know, through the video, what has happened to the post retirement dues of Sri Mohanty, eminent Oriya author and retired Assistant Director of Mass Education, whose conduct as a Government officer is outstanding and exemplary.

The so-called transparency through the mischief called 5T can be tested on the matrix of this case.

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