Sane world should wake up to save children from genocide in Gaza

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak
Sane world should wake up to save children from genocide in Gaza.  Genocide against children of whichever country by whichever country is a crime against all the countries of the world, as the future generation of human society is thereby destroyed. Reported killing of about 10,000 children including newborns in Gaza by Israel in the guise of fighting Hamas is therefore a crime against the entire world. 

“We have agreed that we will act together in international cooperation, as well as in our respective countries” to protect the children “in times of war and in violence-ridden areas”, was the “declaration on the survival, protection and development of children” at the World Summit for Children on 30.9.1990. 

At part 8 of declaration 20, while agreeing that “The essential needs of children and families must be protected even in times of war and in violence-ridden areas”, the World Summit had resolved: “We will work  carefully to protect children from the scourge of war and to take measures to prevent further armed conflicts, in order to give children everywhere a peaceful and secure future.”

But we, the people of the world, have failed.

Lakhs and lakhs of school going students and teachers in New York and elsewhere have demonstrated against the fanatical killing of children and students in Gaza by Israel. 

But, sadly, the same USA, where innumerable school students staged unprecedented walkout condemning massacre of children in Gaza, has vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution for an immediate ceasefire. 

The sane world should wake up to stop this offense against the future of mankind. We the people of the world should not allow ourselves to fail.

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