Capitalism lives through communal hatred, apartheid, violence & genocide: Udayaraj Pandey

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Capitalism is collapsing everywhere in the world and therefore, its practitioners are triggering communal hatred, apartheid, violence and genocide to survive, pointed out Mr. Udayaraj Pandey, former Ambassador of Nepal to Malesia and Soudi Arabia, while addressing the 99th Foundation Day Celebration of the Communist Party of India on 26 at Bhagabati Bhavan, the State Headqrs of CPI in Odisha. He is member of the International Affairs Department of Central Committee of the Communist Party of Nepal (UML).

Dissolution of Soviet System, in the 90s, had given birth to apprehensions that, there was no alternative to Capitalism under the unipolar US imperialistic hegemony. But after a few years, the UML came to power through Parliamentary Democracy. Then Latin American Countries followed the path of the Left to assume Power in several Countries, he said.

Now when the Dollar is slashing down, Russia on the one hand and China on the other, are playing their role to bring about a level playing field vis-a-vis the unipolar hegimony of US, he maintained.

The crumbling capitalism may adopt more acute harmful ways including communal and colonial warfare, apartheid and genocide to survive, he warned. Therefore, the Communists everywhere have the role and responsibility to stand with the people to defeat the antipeople design of capitalism, he said, underlining that the ultimate alternative is unity among left. .

He informed that the Communist movemen in Nepal was really monitored from India upto 1949. Thereafter formal organisation took place in Nepal and the CPN (UML) could continue its revolution and came to power in the 90s. India is the 1st Country where Communist Party of India came to Power in Parliamentary Democracy in the 50s. He expressed his gratitude for being given the oppertunity to be present on the occasion of 99th Foundation Day of CPI, he said.

His wife Ms. Kamal Prajal Pandey also participated in the function.

CPI State Secretariate Member Jayanta Das presided over the Celebration.

Former State Secretary Dibakar Nayak, the President of the World Teacher Federation as well as IFUCTO Amiya Kumar Mohanty, AITUC State General Secretary Bijay Jena, Utkal Mahila Samity President Pramodini Paikray, AISF Odisha State President Sanghamitra Jena, Chairman of the State History Editing Committee Prof Ashok Pattnaik, former President of Revenshaw Student Union Bijay Mohanty, former administrative officer Ratnakar Rout greeted the occasion. When eminent TV journalist Satish Mishra summed up the deliberations, the General Secretary of Odisha Electricity Employees Federation  Satyabadi Bagh proposed vote of thanks.

The great labour leader and illustrated legislator of CPI Prasanna Kumar Panda was paid glowing tributes on the occasion of his death anniversary at the beginning of the functions.

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