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Oriya, the magnificent language of the people of Orissa, was noted by Sir G. A. Grierson as a language “in an older stage of grammatical development than even Classic Sanskrit, and, among Indo-Aryan Languages can only be compared with the ancient Sanskrit spoken in Vedic times” (Linguistic Survey of India -Vol V, page 368). Thus, the classicality of Oriya language was discernible to the British rulers at least 30 years before the State of Orissa was formed in 1936 on the basis of its language.

After 66 years of the British quitting India and on the 110th year of acknowledgement of Oria as older than Classical Sanskrit in matter of  linguistic discipline, Language Experts appointed by Government of India unanimously decided on the 23rd day of July 2013 that Oriya language deserves to be declared a classical Language. Their decision was based on a documented report prepared by the Institute of Oriya Letters (Odia Bhasha Pratisthan), Government of Orissa.

But this official report of research, which fetched this distinction, has been stolen away by a gang of language-mafia with the intention to have a bonanza by projecting the same as its own.  The State’s copyright over the historic work has been severely jeopardized by a contesting copyright created by the mafia on the same subject verbatim plagiarized and published with a heavy price-tag.

The official work is not available to the people of Orissa, as the print thereof was restricted to only one hundred copies to suit the nefarious purpose of the mafia. Sadly and surprisingly, the Chief Minister of Orissa, despite being  informed of the crime in due time, is taking no steps against the criminals.

How the public interest has been severely jeopardized due to this mischief has been depicted in this book in detail with relevant documents.

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