Navin Raj Resembles the British Raj ! Unrelenting Police Torture Continues on the Press

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

His father, a cancer patient, is bedridden in a local hospital known for administration of chemotherapy.

He had come to his residence to collect medicine and food for his father.

Bhubaneswar Police, intelligent enough to know that he had come to his residence, was also in the know of this. But it jumped on him when he was starting for the hospital, destroyed the medicines and the food specially cooked for his father, arrested him, produced him before a court that led him into a prison cell pending trial, leaving his father at the mercy of fate.

Had humanitarianism any value for administration in Orissa, the police could have arrested him, if the allegation, if any, against him warranted such action, after the medicines and food, so essential for the old man fighting cancer in the hospital bed, were duly delivered.

But, it was not in consonance with the police scheme. He was brutally arrested and in the name of law, debarred from rendering essential service to his critically ill and hospitalized father.

He is Bikash Swain, owner, and publisher of a daily newspaper Suryaprava that maintains and materializes a policy to expose misrule.

During the days of our freedom movement, the police personnel working under the British were torturing Indians opposed to the foreigners by denying them natural justice and arresting them in concocted cases. In the administration of Navin Patnaik, to whom the foreigners are more important than the Oriyas, the police has the same stance and when media, in increasing numbers, come forward to expose the misrule that resembles foreign rule, media persons are being implicated in cooked up cases and tortured to ruin their credibility and to intimidate their community.

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