Loot of Orissa Water by Tata Industries in Badbil

Steel major Tata is spotted to have indulged in loot of Orissa water for around six decades without paying the State the minimum water rent even when the dogs of its interest have been engaged in hounding away tribal communities from their living environment to help the same industrial house denude Orissa of her mineral wealth, specifically after Navin Patnaik usurped a place in Chief Ministers’ list of incumbency.

The Beta Lata fountain flowing from the Thakurani hills of Badbil, Keonjhar is not available to farmers of the Tahsil as the Tata Company has been sucking in its water to its industry in the bordering Jharkhand.

The loot had attracted public attention in 2002 as Tata objected to a different party’s application for water from the same stream in a petition before the Sub-Collector of Champua Sub-Division. It was seen on enquiry that Orissa’s water was being used by the Tata behind back of the administration.

But with Navin Patnaik as Chief Minister of Orissa, no official in the lower level dared to initiate any action against Tata.

Public resentment against official inaction in the issue is simmering.

Even the daily Dharitri edited by ruling party heavyweight Tathagat Satapathy has not hesitated to focus on this loot.

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