Manmohan Must be Made to Quit

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Manmohan Singh government is justifying fuel price hike on the basis of more money being paid for fuel in Dollar value. This, in other words, is caused by weakening of the Rupee vis-a-vis the Dollar.

In these pages we have been frequently discussing how dangerous to India is Manmohan Singh.

Here below are some of our headlines:

Dr. Manmohan Singh gets murkier

Leftists and Rightists must come closer to quash treachery of the Prime Minister

The Question Is: Why Should Singh Continue As PM?

Is it not the time for the Congress party to change its Prime Minister?

It is Time, Congress Should Change the Prime Minister

Now both the leftists and Rightists have started echoing what we have said.

To any Indian, who prides over his own patriotism, Manohan’s continuance as Prime Minister would be shameful phenomenon.

People elect a Government to have a better economy. But Manmohan Singh runs a Government that has been ruining the Indian economy. All the unveiled mega scams are evidences of how he has given the worst of governance to India. And, now by hiking the fuel price to match the degradation in the value of Indian Rupee, it has proved that it is a totally irresponsible and blatantly malfunctioning government that has no qualms in scourging and oppressing the people.

It has patronized black money deposits in foreign banks and encouraged private indian industries to use huge profits fetched from the country’s people in their investments in foreign lands, for their further personal profit, whereby foreigners benefit out of exploitation of India’s nature, natural resources and manpower.

It has continuously and constantly weakened the Indian Rupee as a result of which its international value has been sharply receding leading to rise of fuel price in the country.

It has now clamped a cooking gas ration on the common man with such inbuilt mechanism that the black-market would get a very great bonanza out of this rationing.

The country is in unprecedented turmoil over unprecedented hike in diesel price.

Had the Government not been weakening our Rupee, the price rise in international market, could not have affected us such adversely. Besides the fuel price rise and cooking gas rationing, as the whole country has woke up against him, he has allowed foreign direct investment in multi-brand retail.

This malfunctioning Prime Minister must be made to quit.

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