Samaja publisher’s Communal Footprints unambiguous

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

That the offensive picture of Prophet Mahammad was deliberately published in the Samaja to precipitate a communal flare up with a motive to help BJP to polarize the majority community of Hindus to its advantage when the process of CMC election is in progress and when general elections to the Assembly and the Loksabha are not far away, looks unambiguous now with provocative publication of Bajrang Dal rally in its support in its pages on January 17.

SAMAJA_communal footprints

Highly provocative words are used in this posting in a special page dedicated to justify the publication of the communally offensive, imagined picture of the Prophet. Nowhere in the page, the publisher of the picture that has offended the Muslims has been condemned and no demand has been placed to arrest the publisher of the offensive picture.

Attempts to instigate the people of Orissa, who in majority are the Hindus, against the Muslims has been made by Bajrang Dal, in the guise of rueing over desecration of a statue of Gopabandhu Das by the Muslim demonstrators. The rueing fails to appear genuine; because, Bajrang Dal has never opposed to desecration of Gopabandhu statue by the Samaja itself even though such offense was executed by the corrupt functionaries of Samaja and Servants of the People Society in order to ingratiate to the Chief Mnister, who, thereafter, has been protecting them from police action against their mischief.

In view of this, the Samaja publisher’s communal footprint is unambiguous and it is incumbent upon the Government to find out why the communally provocative picture of Prophet Mahammad was published by the Samaja and to do it correctly, it is necessary to arrest the gang of five – Executive Editor, Chief News Coordinator, Joint General Manager, General Manager as well as the Printer – cum -Publisher to elicit the truth from them through necessary interrogation.

Secret agenda for communal flare up must not be left unpunished.

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