Samaja Reporter enlarged on Bail

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Reporter of the Samaja, Jitendra Prasad Das, framed up deliberately by the controllers of the paper, specifically the executive editor, in the communal tangle centering the major daily over publication of a forged photo of Prophet Mahammad, has been, a few minutes ago, granted bail by the SDJM, Cuttack.

Welcome Sri Das to the world of your own freedom.

J P Das with family

Thanks Utkalmani Newspaper Employees Association for the courageous, principled, relentless campaign you conceived and continued for release of your friend from the jail; thanks, members of the MUFP Presidium for your unconditional standing behind Das; thanks all netizens who have raised your voice against unjustified prosecution of Das, and thanks the judicial brilliance that ensured Das’s getting back his lost liberty and finally, thanks Mrs. Das for having courageously endured the turmoil with the small kid and the elderly mother-in-law. Thanks to you friends, all again.

Sathi Salam

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