Mahtab mustn’t be allowed to demoralize the CBI and to eclipse Judicial mind

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak Cuttack MP, Bhartruhari Mahtab belongs to BJD, the party of sycophants, known loudmouths of which are now in fidgets over chit fund cheating. To them the CBI enquiry portends incurable political debacle.

When alter ego of the BJD government – Advocate General Asok Mohanty, incumbent till summoned by CBI in chit fund scam matter – is in jail custody pending trial due to location of his dubious deal with Chit Fund fraudster Pradeep Sethy, it is Mahtab who has used TV channels to instigate the people against Mohanty’s arrest.

He claims that Mohanty is too honest to be investigated into, according to his personal knowledge about Mohanty. His personal knowledge has no legal standing.

If he appears before the concerned court as a ‘defense-witness’ in support of Mohanty, his assertion may be tested through cross-examination and consequent court verdict.

But when Mohanty is in court custody and the court has taken cognizance of his offense, and his remand to CBI having come to the verge of end he is either to be granted bail or sent to the jail, a ruling party MP declaring that Mohanty is honest and the CBI should not have arrested him, is nothing but ruling party’s attempt to demoralize the CBI and to eclipse free and fair application of judicial mind and therefore, contrived to influence the CBI judge.

Mahtab should immediately be taken to task for this mischief,

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  1. While I do not agree with the other parts of the article describing the BJD is a party of sycophants (as it is the character of all parties), I quite agree that Brartruhari Mahatab should not have come to the public to make the statement as reported. Mahatab is a highly respected politician who is respected by people cutting across party lines and should have been careful. I am myself a lawyer and am pained that an otherwise respectable lawyer like Ashok Mohanty has been arrested. But we cannot forget that this is a supreme court- ordered investigation and the apex court is monitoring its status on a regular basis.Both the investigating agency and the court are careful about it. Ashok Mohanty had held many governmental positions before being appointed as the advocate general and had a very clean record. Because of his background as a communist, he is a bit straight forward and often highly strung and sensitive.Even as an advocate general, he sent tremors across the bureaucratic circles by holding the bull by the horn. We do not know what is ultimately coming out of this case. Let us see.

  2. There was a famous book in Orissa Rajbhawan library on Corruption in Indian Politics, authored by A G Noorani. That books had one full chapter on Dr Mahtab. However, old stalwarts have been dwarfed by new heroes.

  3. Gentlemen , I hope now after so many days you can see that CBI does not even arrest politicians at all. I am convinced that the earlier arrest of a law abiding person was definitely wrong and surely on the direction of someone really high up there.

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