Bar cannot mar the manners of Law: Motherland is more important than a man

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

It is sad that Orissa High Court Bar Association has resorted to cease-work in protest against arrest of Advocate General Asok Mohanty in incumbency till summoned to answer CBI on his connection with chit fund fraudster Pradeep Sethy.

In the breaking animadversion on the subject that came to public attention under its caption ‘Judicial Enquiry Essential to determine if Justice Laxmikant Mohapatra did not act a conduit for a chit fund mafia‘, for the first time in orissa’s news media views, much ahead of emergence of CBI on the scene, Mohanty was shown as a vertex in the triangle of a scam over a CDA plot, which finally has landed him in judicial custody after rejection of his bail petition.

His preliminary confrontation with suspicion on his property deal with the chit fund cheat, subsequent formal arrest by CBI, interrogation, production before the CBI court, further interrogation under remand and restaging in judicial custody on rejection of his heard bail petition are sequences logically developed under the manners of law.

Hence the Bar Association protest against CBI action is nothing but an attempt to mar the manners of law.

The striking similarity between ruling party MP Bhartruhari Mahtab and the High Court Bar in matter of condemning the CBI over arrest of Mohanty is indicative of two purposes. One, as in case of Mahtab, to demoralize the CBI and confuse the general public to cultivate an escape route for Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, so that people get diverted from catching him in his very own cocoon of corruption and misrule; and two, as in case of lawyers, to exceed each other in pleasing the CM in a yet undefined design to grab the Advocate General post as it is bound to be filled up soon, where the CM’s preference and prerogative is de facto final.

Alert people of Orissa should take note of it and do everything to encourage the CBI to bring to books all the traitors.

No man is more important than the motherland.

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  1. Only-Two Examples, Please : AND, rest of it will be your (reader’s) reading I am sure.

    1. Many years ago, may be decades, I was told by very important and respectable persons of position that our Late Mahatab, the ex-Chief Minister of Orissa always carried FOUR pens of different ink-colors (red/green/blue/black) in his pocket. To his P.A. and top aids in the administration was known the real meanings of his recommendations/ orders that he so emphatically would sign in front of the persons meeting him with complaints/ grievances in hope of relief. But the color of ink he was using was indicative of his real intention as to how his order was to be treated by the staff – as each color had a meaning: just don’t give a hoot to this order/just carry out the order without delay / immediately etc. But unfortunately for ALL the poor gullible ORIYAS he was always appearing very sympathetic, understanding, and strong ADMINISTRATOR. Rest is ………………….. HISTORY.

    2. By Profession Lawyers are supposed to know the TRUTH, yet must fight tooth-n-nail in the interest of the CLIENT (The Pay Master) and give him relief even in cases of heinous CRIMINAL OFFENDERS like RAPE/MURDER included . No wonder it is told that, ” KANUN KA ANKH ANDHA HAI “. This common character has made them a class by themselves. No wonder, if they fight for any one of them and boycott the court in total disregard to the Supreme Court ban on cease work by lawyers.

  2. It is very funny that the learned BAR associations often jump for strike or bandh and boycott the court for any silly reason in disregard to the supreme court order banning cease work by the lawyers.

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