Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

People of Orissa have been fed with publicity over Orissa bagging the best Krushi Karmana award for agricultural excellence.

When in Naveen Patnaik’s regime, Oriya cultivators are distress selling their paddy, Oriya consumers are perishing under unbearable price rise of essential food grains and agro-products, how the same regime bags Krushi Karmana award is a conundrum.

Plutocracy expands its domain by dazzling the gullible people with jargons like Krushi Karmana. Whosoever State Government works for the industrialists in India may get awards helpful to its image building.

Manipulation of paper works, entertainment in wine joints and sex hubs are mostly used in fixing/cultivating official awards in many cases, including Sahitya Awards and Padma decorations in India. In these pages, earlier postings carry certain documentary evidences to this regard.

Krushi karmana Award is one of the official awards.

Without diving deep into that, let me put here a few pictures of a government Cold-storage unit that belongs to the State’s cooperation department. This facility was created when J.B.Patnaik was the Chief Minister of the Congress government. Post-JB regime of Naveen Patnaik has dragged the facility to this state of dilapidation and death.

Let the pictures testify and let you see a sample of Naveen Patnaik’s Krushi Karamana.


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