Incorrigible Congress

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

It seems the Congress Party is incorrigible. For its offense of keeping Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister, people of India have punished this party by thrashing it into the ignominy of having no strength even to have the chair of the Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha. Instead of condemning Singh for all the offenses he committed against the people of India, the party has staged demonstration in his support, when a Special Court has summoned him in the matter of coal block scam.

Repeated use of CBI to cultivate a clean chit for Singh has failed and the Court has declared that there are “incriminating circumstances”, enough to summon Singh to find out the truth. The Court has taken note of “the extra undue interest” Singh’s office had overwhelmed the MoC with to help Kumar Mangalam Birla bag the Talabira-II coal block for Hindalco. “The repeated reminders from PMO, written as well as telephonic, to MoC to expeditiously process” the allocation of the coal block to Hindalco is an indicator, according to the 75-page order of the court promulgating the summon on March 11.

As the mega scam had come out in CAG report and as concerned files were found missing, we had wondered in these pages: Are members of the Congress Party not ashamed of Manmohan Singh?

Congress members did not dare to express their shame.

Had they, the Congress party might not have been forced out of office by the people.

Now in support of Manmohan Singh, they have dared to condemn the judicial wisdom of the Special Court!

It seems the Congress Party is incorrigible.

Are members of the Congress Party not ashamed of Manmohan Singh?

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And browse pages of this site to read many more write-ups on how Singh had played mischief against India when in office. In absence of an organized uncompromising Left,  the nation needs the Congress most urgently now. members of the Congress party should tell their so-called supremo Sonia Gandhi that they ought to stand with the people of India, not with fellows like Manmohan Singh who sabotaged Indian interest to provide the “Bonanza for U.S. Firms” they were so desperately searching for.

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This posting is directly addressed to the members of the Congress Party. Let them shun sycophancy and wake up in cause of the Nation. More than me, they know, how Manmohan Singh has harmed India. Let them rise to the occasion, help the Court to prosecute him and welcome if he is punished. If they do this, I believe, people may again embrace the Congress, in absence of a credible Communist movement.

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