Governance of Orissa in Oriya // Most of the Departments stayed away from review by Ministerial Committee

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The fourth meeting of the Ministerial Committee on governance of Orissa in Oriya was held at 4 pm on Tuesday in the 2nd floor conference hall of the Secretariat under chairmanship of Minister Debi Prasad Mishra. Sri Atanu Sabyasachi Nayak was the only minister besides Sri Mishra who represented the five member team of Ministerial Committee. From the nominated members, Sankar Parida, Gajanan Mishra, Subhas Chandra Pattanayak, Prof. Natabar Satpathy and Dr. Subrat Kumar Prusti attended besides Dr. Debi Prasanna Pattanayak and Baisnav Parida.

Not only three ministers were absent, but also most of the officers, who were required to be present and apprise the committee of action taken on the Chief Minister’s post-Assembly declaration of 14 point decision as advancement towards governance of Orissa in Oriya, were conspicuous by their absence. As a result of this, only two items out of the 14 could be touched upon.

The CM has declared that an Oriya Open University would be established. On query from members it was seen that the officials are in utter confusion on this. It was decided to take up this matter in subsequent session. The 2nd item was item No.9 in the list of 14. It carries the CM’s decision to award cash assistance for excellence in Oriya language “for research in Oriya language”. The officials of Higher Education Department informed the Committee that, students who shall be fetching 90% marks in Oriya in +2 course, shall be awarded with one-time cash prize worth Rs.20 thousand under this item. It clearly indicated that the officials have either misread the CM’s order or have misled the CM to announce such a decision without application of mind to the real issue. When the announcement is unambiguous that the Government shall give cash assistance to scholars of excellence in Oriya “for research in Oriya language”, wherefrom the officials got the idea that this announcement means lifetime cash assistance of Rs. 20 thousand to +2 students who obtain 90% marks in their final examination? There was no answer to members’ query excepting conundrums hurled from the authorities. Except these two items from the CM’s 14 point announcement, nothing was even mentioned of. Before the formal meeting, higher education officials had informed that steps are being taken to fill up 170 junior teacher posts in Oriya in aided/nongovernment junior colleges. There was no answer to total number of existing vacancies in Oriya department of the higher education institutes, particularly in government colleges and universities. To a suggestion that all the colleges and universities should be equipped with department of Oriya language, officials kept mum.

Members wanted to know as to how ‘Sirisa Sarasa’ an exhibition funded and run by Panchayat Raj Department is having all its display boards in English when item number 4 and 5 of the CM’s announcement asserts that only Oriya shall be the language of display in such functions. The Information and Public Relations department as well as Labour and Employment departments were earmarked to speak on these two items. They were absent.

Dr. Debi Prasanna Pattanayak had circulated in the meeting some suggestions including how to promote Oriya language at School level. The same was not taken cognizance of.

Member Gajanan Mishra raised the issue of use of Oriya language in lower courts dealing with CPC and CrPC and suggested that the government should make no delay in asking the lower courts to transact their business in Oriya, as the said two codes specifically provide for that. The law department was not present to throw any light on it. On the other hand, education department officials stated that the Orissa Official Language Act has been amended in 1985 putting a ban on use of Oriya in lower courts. Member Subhas Chandra Pattanayak challenged the veracity of this statement and pointed out that, the Act was amended only to accommodate “international for of Indian numerals” in Oriya typewriters. He, however, condemned the official disobedience to the “Notification” of 1985 that was promulgated to use Oriya in offices of all departments. He questioned as to why the amendment of the Official Language Act including framing of Rules, the draft of which he had given, basing on which the CM had told the Assembly on December 14 that the Act would be amended after vetting by the Law department, has not been placed in the agenda for stocktaking in the Committee. There was no answer to that.

Member Sankar Parida, Baishnab Parida, Gajanan Mishra and language adviser Dr. Debi Prasanna Pattanayak insisted that, pending suggested amendment of the Act, official communications from the higher offices to lower offices and vice versa should be in Oriya language sans any delay.

Sensing the predicament caused by lack of official preparedness, chairman of the ministerial Committee asked the Principal secretary of GA department to take up the matter with the Chief Secretary who must call the secretaries of all the departments soon a day this month to prepare a faithful progress report on the CM’s 14 point announcement and assured to ensure the final vetting of the draft of amendment to the Act and draft Rules submitted by Subhas Chandra Pattanayak for legislation in the coming session of the Assembly.

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  1. The absence of the Govt.`s representatives and officials is an indication of their secret intention . What is the meaning of Luxurious Declarations without any implementation ? With the mass teachers they have already conducted 12 ministerial level meetings and assured with colored declarations , but no effect .

    The movement should be accelerated with a careful watch by the True Odiaa Loving Activists , so as to allow nobody to catch fish by troubling the water . For that to force the Government to frame the rules as suggested is the prime factor . The concentration of the Committee members must be focused on this first .

  2. Let the people of Odisha know the facts sir. I salute you for revealing the truth. Here see, Father-son duo spoiling our mother, mother-tongue and mother-land and it is disgrace we are giving them votes again and again only to fulfill our selfish end. we are following them for some money, some socalled power and prestige. But time will say sir how we are blacksheep and doing all wrong by supporting such nuisances! The sooner we open our eyes, the better. Let me cite an example of my own life; I was returning from Puri to Titilagarh with my family sir in Puri-Ajmir express last week of Dec 2014. At about 7AM the train reached at Balangir station. A chaiwala came and cried chai chai, my wife ordered one cup but the chai wala listen not and passed to another bogey. On return of the chaiwala, I cried in loud tone, Aee, chai de. He was just pouring the chai from kettle to cup, I enquired why he did not give chai when asked by my wife. He replied that since she was not telling in Hindi ,he did not give chai. I gor angry at that moment and told him that the train was running from Puri to Ajmir and in this sense it is a train of Odisha, One must knows Odia, the state official language if he wants to earn something here, or he should go away. The chaiwala silently returned back saying” hindi me nehin bolne se chai nehi dunga” and he didi not give tea. The days passed. Since then everyday I am giving him salute as because, he is absolutely right. But see me, I am giving all power of my state and everything to one who is not able to utter or say my own state official language. And he is Naveen Patnaik the son of Mr Biju Parnaik. Now we are demanding Bharat ratna to such person. Unfit father, unfit administrator, unfit for my own land. Still his son is enjoying veto power here. Thanks to the people of my Odisha and the men who are supporting him to fill up their sinful belly. The official language of Odisha is Odia as per language act 1954 sir, The language being used by Naveen patnaik is unconstitutional, unlawful and undemocratic. Let the ministers realize the facts soon. Let the Hon’ble Law Minister Mr
    Arun sahu, who has assured us on 8th July 2015 atr lowerPMG resign as he is unable to kept his promise and betray the people of odisha at large. If he resign on this ground Mr Arun Sahu would be the hero fo Odisha, sir. I am sure. Thanks sir, Namaskar. we are with the people, with the truth always, with the constitutional law and acts of the land. Rule of law is here, no one is greater than the truth, no one is above the law of the land. Let naveen babu realize the facts.

  3. Sir there are the competetive exams of odisha which r conducted by ossc those exams must shuld b in odia. We r odia and our govt employes must know odia from heart not from face.

    • Thanks for the observation. This is one reason for which the Black Flag Campaign is going on under the banner of Bhasha Andolan since 13.4.2016, even though the government has tried to choke it by using a couple of contract saboteurs who are exposed in as well as in this site.

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