Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

It was amusing to watch the royal style of Prime Minister Mr. Modi as he with his motorcade surged into the chest of Orissa’s capital city this afternoon that reminds one the style of the autocrats whose pompous appearance in public to keep the people cowed down was quashed by our predecessors, some of whom are yet alive. With utmost pride, we call them ‘freedom fighters’.

As Oriyas we are a magnanimous people. Gandhiji had described us as a “fine race”. So, we welcome Mr. Modi and his team members that have preferred our State Capital to have their National Executive. It is also a matter of pride for us that the party that has saved our country from the pernicious grip of the Congress Party, the party of the American stooge Manmohan Singh, has preferred our place as the venue of its National Executive.

Before proceeding further, let me share with you the unedited extemporal version of my interview to a TV channel a few days ago. In this interview, I have, despite my strong views against capitalism equally strongly wished BJP to win the 2019 elections in Orissa so as to save our State from Naveen Patnaik, who has ruined our mother tongue and has been patronizing a gang of mafia that has been sabotaging Orissa’s cry for governance in Oriya. This is the link to the link to the unedited video of my interview.

With this my view put on records, I urge upon the BJP online workers to notify their leaders in session here on their political agenda to state specifically the party’s views on the demands of Bhasha Andolan.
Bhasha Andolan has forced the State Government to amend Orissa Official Language Act, 1954 to acquire the authority to frame necessary Rules to drive the Act ahead, the provision of which was absent in the Act. The 2nd demand is for provision of penal action against whosoever functionary contravenes the Act of 1954 and sabotages Oriya as official language. Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik is not heeding to this demand, as he himself is not able to read and write in Oriya. And, like his father Biju Patnaik, he hates Oriya.

Bhasha Andolan has aroused amongst the people of Orissa their passion for the mother tongue and determination for establishing the primacy and paramountcy of Oriya language in administration and management of all public places and offices in Orissa. Notwithstanding their tall claims, BJP local leadership knows that unexpected success the Party got in Panchayat polls a few weeks ago was not authored by the voters’ love for BJP, but by the people’s determination to teach Naveen a lesson for paying no heed to the demand of the Bhasha Andolan for punishment to contraveners of Orissa Official Language Act. So we believe, when the National leadership of BJP is meeting in Bhubaneswar, the Party shall specifically speak up on how it looks at the demand of Bhasha Andolan for complete governance of Orissa in Oriya and provision of punishment to whosoever contravenes it.

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