Kalinga TV presents Bhasha Andolan Chief Subhas C Pattanayak in Capital Khati

Bhubaneswar Bureau
People of Orissa, including its political and bureaucratic communities should watch this video to see how ‘Bhasha Andolan’, the world’s unique linguistic revolution is arousing the people against the government’s deviltry in matter of their mother tongue. The chief of the movement Subhas Chandra Pattanayak has elaborated what the movement stands for and aims at.

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  1. Capital Khati – It’s an Impressive Program and especially the Topic ‘ Bhasha Andolan ” for today’s KHATI TOPIC was an eye opener in NUT-SHELL for all Oriyas who heard about this ANDOLAN FOR THE FIRST TIME. More such Khatis will be helpful for the cause, I believe. My Best Wishes.

    Thanks to all the Participants with a special Note for the ” Sadhu Maharaj ji ” .

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