Emancipative Revolution, even if Terrorism, cannot be exterminated

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

It pains to note that 25 CRPF personnel have succumbed to attack by suspected Maoists at Chhattisgarh’s south Sukma region on April 24. When in these pages, I have strongly condemned such acts of killing by persons that claim communism as their creed, I also feel that use of State Terrorism is not of any helpfulness to change the scenario.

“Inquilab Zindabad” – Long Live Revolution – was the war cry of India’s Freedom Movement, in which the Indian martyrs had made their supreme sacrifice to bring in freedom for India to ensure her children emancipation from exploitation. Who can stop this Revolution now, branding its process as Maoist Terrorism? British had ruthlessly oppressed and killed our revolutionaries; but the Revolution won, they had to quit. Revolution is continuing in new form since the day the weapon of post-independence exploitation – Nathuram Godse – killed Gandhiji and has faced many bullets of post-independence State Terrorism. It is continuing and shall continue till the system of exploitation is completely quashed.

“The poor and the deprived people revolt” when “manifest injustices of all forms perpetrated against the weak”, the Supreme Court of India has observed in what is famous as “Salwa Judam” judgment.

Musclemen of the capitalists, be they in the temples of power or in the temples of gods, would do better to appreciate that the victims of exploitation shall always rise and roar: INQUILAB ZINDABAD.

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