Honor to Naveen: credibility of MITWP UNIV under serious question

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Propaganda galore that Sri Naveen Patnaik has been adjourned the most ideal Chief Minister in India. A non-Oriya private organization – MIT World Peace University – is giving him the honor.

It puts the credibility of this organization as well as its juries that selected Sri Patnaik under serious question. A man who has signed on dotted lines for the entire period of his tenure is an ideal chief minister?

For those fellows, who have sans qualms branded him as ideal chief minister, I am placing here a clip from YouTube, that shows how he makes habitual farce in reviewing official projects. Let them watch it. It is a KanakTv production. Young and upright journalist Laxminarayan Kanungo deserves all praise for having captured and compiled this record. He enters the hall where Secretaries and all concerned functionaries keep waiting for the review; he then starts reading out from a paper prepared by his hidden directors and leaves the room. Review over!

Ladies and gentlemen, whose choice is Naveen Patnaik for MTWPU’s brand of ideal chief minister may please peruse the video and tell the world, if this farce is in their judgement the model of an ideal chief minister!

Orissa was created at the summit of an epoch making agitation of the people for the sole purpose of management of their affairs in their mother tongue. In 1954, Orissa Official Language Act was promulgated that mandates that “for all and every official work, Oriya shall be the language in the State of Orissa.”

Naveen patnaik has constantly been contravening this Act and the people’s demand for governance of Orissa in Oriya, espoused by Bhasha Andolan, Orissa, is not being heeded to despite a very unique and peaceful ‘Black Flag Campaign’ for at least last 640 days in Bhubaneswar and other nerve-centers of the State. Is it the evidence of ideal quality in the chief minister?

He does not speak Oriya. He does not know Oriya. He has no love for the language of the people. He has been adding his father’s name to all official projects to mislead the people into belief that all those welfare projects are the gifts of his father that he executes!

He treats Orissa as a fee simple inherited from his father, not the motherland of Oriya population.

For his nonchalance, Orissa has suffered severe setbacks in bordering areas , as West Bengal and Andhra have transgressed into the geographical limits of the State, putting inhabitants there in total jeopardy. If the State is facing crisis on Mahanadi, Banshadhara, and Mahendra Tanaya, to tell the least, it is because of Naveen Patnaik’s blatantly nonchalant attitude.

Is nonchalance the evidence of ideal virtue?

When he has ruined Orissa, it is astonishing that non-Oriya organizations are bestowing upon him epithets like ‘Priya Oriya’ , ‘Best Administrator’ and ‘Ideal Chief Minister’. These cultivated epithets may confuse the gullible voters, but never be helpful to our ailing democracy.

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