Oriya Nation is ashamed of MITWP Univ projecting an Anti-Oriya Naveen Patnaik as Ideal CM

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

In bordering areas, in mining areas, in matter of water resources, Orissa is in deepest ever quandary due to incompetent and nonchalant conduct of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik. More than 70% people are admittedly under constant slow starvation, where almost entirely subsidized rice at the rate of rupee one per Kg. is the only source of their survival. Orissa has become synonymous with migration of daily wage earners that seek livelihood through drudgery in neighboring States. Farmers suicide, mothers distress sell babies. Police enjoys fabulous pleasure in unearthing sex joints in increasing numbers that speaks of distress sale of bodies. Drug hubs rampant when women, organizing anti-wineshop campaigns are being subjected to police action! The mana of Oriya nation is in ruins, as discernible as darkness in the night.

The precipitator of all these and much more menacing harm to Orissa is projected as “Ideal Chief Minister” by a non-Oriya body called MIT World Peace University of Pune! None of the fellows that branded Naveen as ideal CM has ever visited Orissa and studied the reality on the spot vis-a-vis propaganda orchestrated by the exploiters of Orissa.

It is a shame that these non-Oriyas have projected the anti-Oriya Naveen as “ideal chief minister”. Oriya nation is ashamed of this unacademic mischief of an academic establishment that carries an university tag.

When in 2006 media assessment showed his popularity in sharp decline, he had gained over a non-Oriya TV channel – ETv – to conduct a popularity test wherein he was to be shown as the mot popular person (Priya Oriya) of the State. The test was named ‘Priya Oriya Contest’. ETv arbitrarily pitted Buddhia Singh – the illiterate 4 year old marathon runner – against him and as in all the rounds, Buddhia won, ETv resorted to the trick of mobile-phone-voting and declared Naveen the winner. Naveen had rushed from New Delhi to receive the award from that non-Oriya entertainer in a very grand ceremony held at Bhubaneswar. Exposing the mischief in my site I had written, “It was a surprise that the Chief Minister rushed down from Delhi to receive the felicitation given to him by ETV in a grand ceremony at Bhubaneswar, for having vanquished the four year old illiterate and ignorant boy Buddhia Singh in popularity contest. Had he not been personally eager to bag such a title as PRIYA ORIYA, could he ever have allowed himself to accept such a felicitation in such a manner?”

Lest the boy challenges the so-called victory of the CM, he was smashed through the Child welfare minister, his mentor Biranchi Das prosecuted and eliminated under yet unclear circumstances.

Similar celebrations were held, when another non-Oriya media awarded him the ‘Best Administrator’ prize in August 2017. Exposure of unprecedented mining scam apart, the unique ‘Black Flag Campaign’ of Bhasha Andolan demanding provision of punishment to whosoever fails to work in Oriya in the offices of Orissa by amending the Orissa Official Language Act, 1954 had put his credibility in sharp decline. After long 400 days of the Black Flag Campaign, after his stooges Dr. Debi Prasanna Pattanayak and his gang including former MP Baishnab Charan Parida failed to foil the Bhasha Andolan, he had invited the leadership of this unique movement, but no solution materialized as movement had no other demand than the single one. Clearly, the Bhasha Andolan is proving him incapable of giving an ideal administration inasmuch as the Official Language matter, he is proven averse to fundamental rights of the people to official service in their mother tongue. It has been proved by Bhasha Andolan that he is a mindless dancing puppet in the hands of non-Oriya bureaucrats.

Under his constant misrule, his non-Oriya private secretary was adjudged more powerful than the Chief Secretary of the Sate in a media survey.

Thus exposed, he was eager to repair his declining image in which the non-Oriya media outfit Outlook was used. Bhubaneswar had to suffer the ignominy of witnessing monumental celebration over the ‘Outlook Speakout Award’.

Bhasha Andolan has refused to be hoodwinked by tricks in the matter of governance of Orissa in Oriya. The way the people of Orissa are joining the ‘Black Flag Campaign’ , he apprehends to have been disadvantaged politically.

The province was created with the sole purpose of managing its affairs in Oriya. So Bhasha Andolan that has been conducting the world’s most peaceful movement to ensure governance of Orissa in Oriya has exceeded 600 days, putting the CM in fidgets like never before.

Therefore, a remote-controlled award has been generated in questionable circumstances in MITWP Univ to bail out the anti-Oriya Chief Minister of Orissa. The celebrations mooted by his sycophants make the hidden agenda discernible.

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