Black Flag Campaign roars from Khurdha to Capital

Roving Reporter

Government of Orissa gained over two close colleagues of Subhas Chandra Pattanayak, founder of Bhasha Andolan, Orissa, namely Pradyumna Satapathy and Pabitra Maharatha, who in an attempt to derail the Black Flag Campaign, as otherwise that could have put the Chief Minister in utter embarrassment for blatant breach of privilege of the Legislative Assembly in the matter of amendment of Orissa Official Language Act, 1954, had made a false propaganda that Bhasha Andolan has stopped campaign. The Campaign is not affected by their subterfuge and is continuing with full vigor.

Sri Pattanayak had informed the CM on how the amendment passed by the Assembly on May 01, 2018 was vitiated with malice against the Act proper, besides being based on a Cabinet resolution that was superseded by a later Cabinet, and which was also tampered with arbitrarily to suit the nefarious purpose of administrative machinery managed by fellows of anglicized mentality.

He had demanded that the said amendment be repealed and a flawless amendment be brought in immediately.

Unless this is done, the Act would not work; and if this is done, the legislative misconduct of the CM would come to attention of the Assembly.

Therefore, the government decided to ward off the campaign by gaining over Satpathy and Maharatha, who were in charge of procuring flag-holders and sending the campaign news to the Press respectively.

These two contract killers of the campaign, after their clandestine deal with the State Finance Minister on 16 July 2018, declared that Bhasha Andolan has decided to postpone the Black Flag Campaign till the Assembly session. Bhasha Andolan had neither taken any such decision. nor had they any authority to make such declaration. It was a shocking instance of subterfuge the like of which the world of letters has never witnessed anywhere in the world.

When it was necessary to invigorate the campaign to pressurize the Government to repeal the notorious amendment dated 1.5.2018 and to bring in new amendment, so that the Orissa Official Language Act would perfectly work, these two fellows played this mischief.

People of Orissa loyal to their mother tongue have rejected their mischief and the unique black flag campaign is continuing with full vigor.

They have been stripped layer by layer as liars by the language lovers who have kept the campaign alive made it more resolute. After betrayal of these two fellows the people of Orissa have come forward to make it more vigorous.

A team of language activists under the leadership of Ranjan Kumar Das had covered by foot around 90 Kms. from the birthplace of Kula Gourb Madhusudan Das in Satyabhamapur to Bhubaneswar on 17 August 2018 with Black Flags in their hands. Its impact was so tremendous and alarming for the Government that, it had to issue an impromptu instruction asking all urban signboards to appear in Oriya within 15 days. It only indicated how the govt. was in fidgets and died as ignominiously as an Order sans legal sanction dies.

Well aware of the mischief played by the Government against their mother tongue, a great team of patriots led by Bibhudendra Bidyadhar and Kamal Lochan Nayak, Convenor of Bhasha Andolan, Khurdha District and its State Vice-President Kamal Lochan Nayak, covered by foot the entire area comprising the two headquarters Cities of the District – the district headqrs (Khurdha proper) and State Headqrs (Bhubaneswar) on Wednesday, the 5th September.

After paying rich tributes to the five legendary Paik Generals who had contributed immensely to Oriya Mana in India’s first war of Independence, Dr. Aurobind Nayak, Jayaprakash Mohapatra, Saroj Kumar Palta Singh, Prabhat Kumar Behera inspired the Town of Khurdha with the Black Flags to begin with the march to Bhubaneswar.

And, the team further comprising Madhabanand Bhoi, Narendra Kumar Sahu,Nirakar Sahu, Prashnajit Roy proceeded on foot to the Capital City of the State.

They were received in front of the Assembly by the campaign leaders including founder of the movement Subhas Chandra Pattanayak.

Soumyaranjan Nayak, founder leader of Bhasha Andola in Chhatrapur and its State Asst. Secretary, made the event live in at both the places.

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