Hooligan attacks Kharabel Swain: Orissa CM silent

Notwithstanding political economy of capitalism he vouches for, M.A.Kharabela Swain is a politician who the people never look at askance.

He is sincere, honest and upright.

He has been insulted with obnoxious words and assaulted by a gang of hooligans at Kashipur in the district of Rayagada this evening while addressing a gathering on his party programs. Swain is the founder leader of a new political party namely Utkal Bharat and the goons are allegedly BJD workers.
Leaders of almost all political parties have condemned the attack; but the chief of BJD – the chief minister – is yet to react.

The video shows the scenario.

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  1. ମଂଚରୁ ଖସିବାର ସମୟ ଆସିଲେ ଏମିତି ସବୁ ହୁଏ

  2. After watching this clip people of Odisha must awake .

    Odia people will become second class citizen in their
    own soil and non-odia people will harass and rule them in
    different ways if things continue like this.

    Learn form other states like Bengal,Andhra,Maharashtra

    Can people of Maharashtra will tolerate if a leader
    of “Shiv Sena” will get harass like this?

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